We are sorry to hear that Green Mountain College will be closing its doors after so many years of likeminded teaching and learning.  Delaware Valley University would like to extend a hand in helping students transition in their time of need.  With more than 1,000 acres, encompassing three campuses locations we feel it is a great place to continue your hands on education.  Our faculty and staff use interdisciplinary learning in small class settings preparing students to tackle the most important issues of our time.  Delaware Valley is a transfer friendly school offering real world experience in majors similar to GMC, accepting 78 credits and offering scholarships ranging from $15,000-$21,000 a year we are an affordable option that can keep you on track towards your graduation goals.       


Green Mountain UG Majors

DelVal UG Majors

Adventure Education

Interdisciplinary Studies

Animal Conservation & Care

Conservation and Wildlife Management

Applied Environmental Science

Environmental Science



Art w/preK-6, 7-12, preK-12 Licensure




Business Administration (online)

Business Administration


Media and Communications

Elementary Education



Literary Studies

English w/Secondary Licensure

Education - Secondary

Environmental Studies

Environmental Science

Fine Art



History, Policy, Society

History w/Secondary Licensure

History, Policy, Society/ Education

Interdisciplinary Studies

Interdisciplinary Studies

Public Philosophy

History, Policy, Society


Counseling Psychology

Renewable Energy & Ecological Design

Environmental Science

Resort & Hospitality Management

Restaurant and Food Service Management


History, Policy, Society

Sustainable Agriculture & Food Systems

Sustainable Agriculture Systems/ Food Science

Sustainable Business

Sustainable Agriculture Systems/ Business Administration/ Agribusiness 

Wildlife & Forestry Conservation

Conservation & Wildlife Management

Wilderness & Outdoor Therapy

Interdisciplinary Studies/ Ecology/ Counseling Pyschology 


Media and Communications/ Literary Studies


Meet our Transfer Counselors

Thomas O'Connor

Associate Director of Admission, Transfer Coordinator


Melanie Spratt

Assistant Director of Admission
Text or Call 215.544.2033