DelVal gets involved in the Little League World Series

Courtesy: Dr. Doug Linde. Mike Jensen ’15 (Dec.), a DelVal turf management major interned with the Little League World Series grounds crew.

Aug 31, 2015

For the past two weeks, a DelVal student and an alumnus helped prepare and maintain the fields for the Little League World Series in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. Players from around the world took part in this internationally televised event Aug. 20 through Aug. 30.

DelVal alumnus Jeff Fowler ’86 volunteers every year to prepare the fields--mowing, raking, watering, and lining the field for all the teams. The grounds crew, mostly volunteers, does their work before, during, and after each game. Last spring, Fowler came into one of Turf Management Professor Dr. Doug Linde’s classes at DelVal as a guest speaker.

“I came in back in March to speak to Dr. Linde’s class to talk about the sports turf industry as a whole and job and internship opportunities,” said Fowler. “I’ve been working with the Little League for 20 years helping them with their turf.”

Fowler helped the Little League recruit interns and sent the job description to Dr. Linde in case current students were interested. Mike Jensen ’15 (Dec.), a DelVal turf management student from Mount Bethel, Pennsylvania, was selected to intern with the Little League World Series grounds crew over the summer.

“Growing up playing Little League you always dream of playing on these fields, so to be able to come back and work on them was pretty cool,” said Jensen.

Little League World Series turf

Courtesy: Dr. Doug Linde. Mike Jensen '15 (Dec.) helped prepare and maintain the Little League World Series turf in Williamsport, Pennsylvania during a summer 2015 internship.

This is his third internship in turf management since attending DelVal. Last year, he interned with Auburn University’s sports field crew and the year before, he worked at Great Bear Golf Club in East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania.

He said this internship was about getting more experience, and “putting the past learning experiences to work.”

“I had a chance to use more equipment and stuff like that,” said Jensen.

He’s grateful to the DelVal alumnus who told him about the internship program.

“I think it is great that Jeff has been here (involved with Little League) for years,” said Jensen. “It gives DelVal some great exposure.”

He said the experience was “awesome” and that his favorite part was watching the kids play on the fields he worked on.

Fowler is glad to see DelVal students gaining hands-on experience in turf management.

“Mike has had an opportunity for incredible learning at the Complex,” said Fowler. “The championship fields that everyone is seeing on T.V. are of Major League quality. For him to be able to interact with folks who have been in the industry for as long as they have certainly provided valuable experience.”

Fowler enjoys coming back to campus to be involved with the turf management program.

“I’m always available to Dr. Linde and it’s fun to come back to campus and see the changes that have been made,” said Fowler. “I enjoy reaching out to the students in the program to provide them with an opportunity to learn practical things.”

Fowler said the Little League provides excellent learning opportunities for turf students looking for a sports turf internship.

“If students are looking for jobs, turf is a wide open field that should be considered,” said Fowler.