DelVal Participates in Women’s Psychology Conference

Mar 03, 2010

Four DelVal students recently accompanied their counseling psychology instructor to the 35th Annual Association for Women in Psychology conference in Portland, Oregon.

Lead by Dr. Audrey Ervin, the delegation members were Megan Barilla, Kathleen Devine, Audrey Ervin, Linda Dalton, Jessica Meyer (below image; left to right). All will graduate in May and become the first at DelVal to receive degrees in the new counseling psychology major.



The association hosts an annual conference attended by psychologists, academics, scholars and researchers from across the country and around the world. Dr. Ervin is the national spokesperson for the organization.

Dr. Ervin conducted two academic presentations entitled Teaching Multicultural Counseling Through a Feminist Lens and Feminist Approaches to Teaching Psychological Assessment. She encouraged Barilla, Dalton, Devine and Myer, who are enrolled in Ervin's Research Methods in Psychology course, to attend the conference to gain exposure to cutting-edge research and professional issues in psychology.

The students networked with psychologists and graduate school faculty, attended academic workshops and symposiums, viewed poster board research projects, watched short documentaries and connected with graduate students from across the nation. Barilla, Dalton, Devine and Myer served as volunteers at the conference.

Devine said, "I've never seen so many therapists in one room!"

She added, "It was amazing to be around hundreds of women who are psychologists practicing in the field, through research, teaching, and clinical work. Being able to speak with these professionals provided firsthand experience and information that I could not have gained from a textbook."

Myer said, "I made a lot of great contacts, such as a woman who has great advice about graduate school, and met researchers in the field who are actually applying the theories and concepts learned in class throughout the last four years."

Barilla, who attended presentations on relationships and sexuality, the self-care of women and various healing methods, said, "I really enjoyed just about everything. Everyone was so friendly and it was well organized. The whole experience was very welcoming. It was amazing being able to take what we have learned in the classroom and see how it pertains at a real conference."

In her role as a volunteer, Dalton proctored an assortment of academic sessions. Some of her favorite workshops focused on resiliency in early childhood and psychological wellbeing.

Barilla, Dalton, Devine and Myer also had a great time exploring Portland.

"Experiencing Portland was just an added benefit: at night, there was some free time in which the other girls and I could go out and sight-see the city, an opportunity that many may never again have" Myer said.