DelVal students win soil judging competition at Oregon State

May 04, 2011

First place winners (from left) Amanda Faust, Chris Becker, Mike Marsicano, Will Betts

By Annmarie Ely

DelVal students Chris Becker, Will Betts, Amanda Faust, Mike Marciano took first place in a team soil judging competition this past weekend.

A group from DelVal traveled to Oregon State University to compete with roughly 200 students from about 20 colleges and universities from across the nation. Students climbed into pits to examine and describe Oregon’s soil, which contains components such as volcanic ash.

Soil judging helps determine what soil is made up of and what uses it is best suited for.

The contest brought together the best teams from the regional level. Competitors included schools such as Auburn University, Clemson University, Texas A&M, North Carolina State, Kansas State, Oklahoma State, Iowa State and Penn State.

Schools competed in two contests. In one contest, students worked as a team to identify and classify soils on the basis of characteristics. In the other contest, which DelVal took sixth place in, individual scores of four team members were added together.

Lawrence Hepner, a faculty member in DelVal’s Natural Resources and Biosystems Management department, said DelVal is, “no stranger to the elite 21 (soil judging teams). We’ve been there a few times and in fact won the national championship in 1970.” 

DelVal also won the Northeast regional soil judging contest this year.

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