DelVal welcomes the President of Omnicom Group’s Diversified Agency Services Healthcare.

Feb 16, 2010

A New York marketing executive will lecture Feb. 23 at Delaware Valley College, advising students on how to promote their personal brand - which is themselves.

"A ‘personal brand' is something that knocks before you knock," explained Rob Dhoble, president of Omnicom Group's Diversified Agency Services Healthcare. "For example, if people Google me, they get a feeling for me even before they meet me."

Dhoble will be DelVal's eighth Watson Executive-in-Residence speaker. He'll spend most of the day on campus and give two lectures, one at 10:50 a.m. and another at 1:40 p.m. Both will be in the Moumgis Auditorium of the Student Center.

Describing himself as a "marketing guy," Dhoble heads a firm that is part of New York-based Omnicom Group Inc. Thomas W. Watson, founder and sponsor of the lecture series, is co-founder and vice chairman emeritus of Omnicom, a strategic holding company that manages a portfolio of global businesses. Watson also is dean of the company's Omnicom University.

"Your brand," Dhoble said in a recent interview, "represents a promise that stands apart from the crowd. You can manage your brand because you are associated with it. You can use it as a forward thinking approach to your career."

He said the idea is to make yourself a product that is apart from everyone else. The first step is to analyze your strengths and weaknesses.

"Ask this question: Of the people who know you well, what would they say about you? You may find the answer a bit uncomfortable," he said.

Just like when you get a new iPhone, start with the basic features, Dhoble said, meaning work on the current perceptions of yourself.

"Then grow your brand when you feel the needs and wants of the market place," he advised.

A second part of his lecture will deal with the relatively new demand for social responsibility by corporations. He'll recommend that students seek careers with businesses that recognize this and operate in ways acceptable to the new business norms.

Dhoble has a bachelor's degree in marketing from Temple University and is working on a master's in health policy. He lives in suburban Philadelphia with his wife and three children.