DelVal will open campus disc golf course

Sep 26, 2011

Dr. Christopher Tipping, a biology professor, is helping to start a disc golf course on DelVal’s Doylestown campus.

Disc golf is played with Frisbees instead of traditional golf balls and clubs. The goal is the same, to complete each hole in the fewest possible attempts. Players throw Frisbees at targets, which are often made of raised metal baskets.

The baskets for the courses have already been purchased and will be installed with concrete.

The 9-hole course will be located on Featherbed Hill, near the baseball field.

Students worked over the weekend of Sept. 23 to help clean the area to prepare for the installation of the course.

DelVal already has an Ultimate Frisbee Club and Dr. Tipping said there was a lot of interest in disc golf among those students.

He estimated that more than 30 students from the Ultimate Frisbee Club wanted to have the disc golf component. Disc golf won’t be its own separate club. It will be a new component of the Ultimate Frisbee Club.

Dr. Tipping  is hoping the course will be finished some time in the next few weeks.

“I’ve played disc golf for 25 years,” said Dr. Tipping. “I’ve played everywhere I’ve lived. I played a lot in California and Florida. There are some really good courses in the immediate area here.”

He said Tyler State Park has a great course.

Dr. Tipping said DelVal Athletic Director Frank Wolfgang purchased some equipment and approached him about building a course.

He said he got involved with the project primarily for the students.

“Disc golf is very popular on college campuses,” said Dr. Tipping, who pointed out that DeSales University has a course.

“I really enjoy the game and getting outside,” said Dr. Tipping.

The course would be open to everyone on campus, including faculty and staff.

Dr. Tipping said disc golf is a good college activity because of how inexpensive it is to play.

“Discs are cheap,” said Dr. Tipping. “Traditional golf you have to pay green fees, clubs are expensive…”

He said the Ultimate Frisbee Club plays in front of Lasker from 4:30-6:30 p.m. most days.