DelVal’s education department establishes its own alumni network

Nov 03, 2011

Delaware Valley College’s graduate education department has established its own alumni network to provide graduates with a strong support system of other educators and put them in touch with key people at hiring schools and programs.

“The network will help to differentiate our program from ones we’re competing against,” said Interim Dean for Graduate, Professional and Entrepreneurial Studies Dr. James Moryan.  “One of the great ways people can find administrative jobs is to network.”

Graduates of DelVal’s Educational Leadership master’s degree program in education are qualified to take on leadership positions as administrators and supervisors at schools.  DelVal's Teaching and Learning master's degree program is designed for teachers seeking to enhance their skills who want to remain in the classroom.

Dr. Moryan said the network will put both types of graduates of DelVal’s education programs in better contact with each other and the adjuncts they took courses with. Many of DelVal’s education adjuncts are also working as superintendents, directors, business administrators or personnel people at area schools and programs.

“If we can put them in contact with each other, hopefully our adjuncts can know of our graduates and hopefully interview them,” said Dr. Moryan.

He said so far, he’s heard a lot of positive feedback about the network.

“We’ve gotten really good responses from our current students saying that this could open up a gateway for job opportunities,” said Dr. Moryan.

He said the network could also provide an opportunity for alumni to come back and see each other socially.

He is hoping to have the first event at a restaurant in November.

Former Director Dr. Lynn Davis is heading up the alumni network.

“We will send out letters to all our alumni to ask if they’d like to be a part of the project,” said Dr. Moryan. “Depending on the location of most people, we’ll pick a location for an event hopefully in mid November.”

He said the program would like to do two events a year, one in the fall and another in spring.

He said the program plans to work both in person and electronically to keep the alumni network “in the loop.”

For more information or to join: call  the office of graduate programs in education at 215- 439-4833.