Employers hired 100 percent of the policy studies program’s first graduating class

Credit: Delaware Valley University. Autumn Canfield B.S. ’13, M.A. ’15 was hired as special projects coordinator for Doylestown Township.

Jul 08, 2015

Less than two months after Commencement all of the members of Delaware Valley University’s first graduating class from its master’s degree program in policy studies are entering meaningful careers. The 36-credit policy studies program was added in 2013 as part of DelVal’s move toward university status. The program shapes students who want to make a difference into leaders capable of offering solutions to pressing problems in communities and industries. Students choose either a practical capstone internship or a research-based master’s thesis. Specializations include: community and international development, food and agriculture and sustainability and environment.

The program’s first two graduates will be applying the knowledge and experience they gained in the Master of Arts in Policy Studies program in the surrounding community.

Autumn Canfield B.S. ’13, M.A. ’15 was hired as special projects coordinator for Doylestown Township after completing an internship in the spring 2015 semester.

Maggie Villari B.A. ’13, M.A. ’15 was hired as the development and communications coordinator at Saved Me, a nonprofit shelter in Philadelphia that saves animals from kill-shelters and also from owners who don’t care for them properly. As development and communications coordinator, she is responsible for creating and managing fundraising appeals, grant writing and managing donor information.

“I want to be in a place of power and credibility to project my passion to a wide audience, to show—and not force—people how to treat all living things with the respect and value they deserve,” said Maggie Villari B.A. ’13, M.A. ’15. “DelVal gave me the ability to apply what I learned in the degree to a career in animal activism."