The Department of Environmental Protection has chosen DelVal to receive an $86,000 grant.

May 04, 2010

The Environmental Stewardship and Watershed Protection (Growing Greener) Grant will be used to manage storm water runoff on campus. Excess water from storms has caused soil erosion and led to standing water in the fields and pastures and adjacent roadways.

The Department of Environmental Protection Growing Greener grants program received 249 eligible applications, and were pleased to see DelVal's continued interest in watershed restoration and protection.

The College was awarded an $86,000 Growing Greener grant from the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection to institute best management practices that will mitigate the damage created by excess water runoff. The projects, designed in cooperation with Bucks County NRCS and Conservation District engineers, will be labeled so students and visitors to the campus can learn the latest techniques in resolving a problem that significantly impacts water quality in our region. 

Construction on the projects will begin this summer.