PRACTICAL TIPS FOR FAMILIES AND GUESTS - families and guests attending this most momentous ceremony, here are some practical tips:

  • Choose your outfit well. Take into consideration the temperature and dress comfortably.
  • Get to the venue early. Plan to arrive early to avoid unnecessary stress of being late. If you are driving, make sure you are early in order to get good parking.
  • Bring reading material that can occupy you while you wait. If you plan to arrive early to get good seats, chances are you will spend time waiting; bring something to read while you wait.
  • Make friends with those around you. This is an excellent way to wait for the ceremony to start; get to know them and exchange some stories.
  • Anticipate. Get to know who the commencement speaker is then Google him/her so you know a bit about the person.
  • Have a designated waiting area with your graduate. Chances are, after the ceremony, your graduate will share some sentimental moments of picture taking with his/her friends, professors, etc.; should you get separated, agree on where to meet instead of just relying on your cellphone.
  • This is only the beginning. Have a great time! Celebrate your graduate’s hard work and achievements.

PRACTICAL TIPS FOR THE GRADUATE - there is no official Commencement dress code, but for those who are still scrambling for picture-perfect attire, here are some practical tips to help dress and prep for the big day:

Commencement Dress DO’s:

  • Leave bags at home. This will save you the hassle of carrying around a purse. If you are wearing a dress or skirt, try to find one with pockets to easily carry small items like keys and your cell phone. Consider a wristlet or small clutch if you need to take a purse. 
  • Tell your guests to dress comfortably. Take into consideration the temperature and comfort.
  • Dress comfortably. The event will be a combination of standing and sitting, so make sure you are dressed comfortably enough for both. If you are wearing pants, consider dark pants and shoes. If you are planning to wear heels, consider a low heel.

Commencement Dress DON’Ts:

  • Do not think that because you are wearing a robe it does not matter what you are wearing underneath. Throughout the day, you will be taking numerous photos with friends and maybe going out with family. Plan your outfit knowing that the day does not start and end with Commencement. 
  • Do not wear new shoes. Commencement is not the day to break in new shoes. On your walk across the stage, you should be focusing on accepting your degree and shaking hands with the president, not worrying about tripping.
  • Do not forget your regalia. Make sure you have your cap, gown, tassel, cords, and stole.

Other Commencement tips:

  • Set an alarm. Set your alarm and have a buddy system to make sure you wake up.
  • Stay hydrated and take a bathroom break before line-up. The weeks leading up to Commencement are a mix of studying and celebrating, so try to be well-rested, fed, hydrated, and prepared to sit through the ceremony.
  • Plan where you want to meet your family afterwards. Suggest a specific meeting spot beforehand so that you can reunite easily.
  • Graduates, be sure to thank your families and friends for all their support.
  • Most importantly, remember to enjoy the day and reminisce on all that you have achieved at Delaware Valley University.

Congratulations, graduates!