• Mentor, Tabor Children’s Services, Doylestown, PA, 2012-present
    Supervisor: Jillian Jackson
    Regular meetings with youth mentee
  • Seminary teacher, Church Education System, Champaign, IL, 2010
    Supervisor: Dr. Rick Taylor
    Prepared lessons and assignments on spiritual topics for 17 high school students
    Motivated daily early morning (6:00 am) attendance through engaging and inspirational teaching methods
  • Quorum president, Souderton Ward, Doylestown, PA 2011-Present
    Supervisor: Bishop Michael Gillis
    Coordinate Sunday spiritual instruction of 30 men ages 18-45
    Supervision and training of instructors
    Prepare and teach lessons addressing needs of quorum members
    Plan service projects and social activities
  • Quorum president, Urbana Ward, Champaign, IL, 2007-2010
    Supervisor: Bishop Kevin Johnson
    Coordinated Sunday spiritual instruction of 60 men ages 18-45
    Supervised and trained 3 instructors
    Prepared and taught lessons addressing needs of quorum members
    Planned service projects and social activities
  • After-school mentor, America Reads Program, Logan, UT, 2005-2006
    Supervisor: Todd Milovich
    Assisted middle school English language learners with math, science and English
    Translated for Spanish speaking parents at parent teacher conferences
  • Missionary, Spain, Barcelona Mission, Barcelona, Spain, 1999-2001
    Supervisor: President Shayne Bowen
    Taught and discussed religious topics with large and small groups of people in the Spanish language
    Supervised 12 missionaries in their teaching efforts