Making food safe for everyone with DelVal experience
by Madison Moore ’15

Eddie Fronckwicz ’16 has had an experience at DelVal unlike those at other universities. At DelVal, he gets to practice a skill himself, instead of watching a teacher’s aide set up and perform an experiment.

Majoring in food science (with a minor in business administration) was the best option for Fronckwicz because in high school, he loved chemistry. His other passion is food and he said he will “try anything at least once.” Instead of opting for culinary school, he chose food science because it was the combination of his two favorite things.

“The most unique part about [this major] is the amount of different sciences that are combined to make food science,” said Fronckwicz. “Some of the sciences included are biology, chemistry, physics, engineering and sensory evaluation.”

In addition to learning in the classroom, Fronckwicz is an active member of the University’s Food Science Club, which examines the food industry and the different aspects of the industry that students can enter into after graduation. Fronckwicz enjoys the dinners the club cooks and the places they go as a group. It has been a club where he can put his love of experimentation to the test.

“I have learned how to lead and not be afraid to experiment,” said Fronckwicz. “Sometimes it does not work out, but that is okay as long as you learn from it.”

His biggest passion is to ensure safe and healthy food. Once he graduates from DelVal, he plans on using his degree to work for the government in the field of quality assurance and control. Working for the FDA or USDA would allow him to apply all of his skills gained from the University.

“The hands-on experiences at DelVal have given me a set of skills that will be indispensable in my career,” said Fronckwicz.