Continuing a Journey Towards Success with a DelVal Degree
by Madison Moore '15

When Francis Arnold ’16 transferred to DelVal in 2012, he immediately felt that “college feel” that he had been hoping to find in higher education.

Coming from Jamaica, New York, he decided to pursue a degree in accounting at the University. He found that the DelVal community has some of the most “kind and thoughtful” people, who push him to be the best.

he gained experience before he graduated by working for Malvern Federal Savings Bank during his final semester at DelVal. Previously, he had an internship with Course Hero, which helps students learn and succeed by delivering supplemental educational resources for their courses.

“I had to develop a team to help provide multiple documents for different courses for students,” said Arnold. “Working on an approach to reach people is something one should practice in all aspects of their lives.”

Besides his internships, he was a captain of the men’s basketball team for two years, scored 1000+ points in his three years at DelVal, and also 1000+ points for his four years of playing college basketball.

Off the court he was a resident assistant and he mentored students, which he said gave him the ability to share his insight with students and help them progress in what they do.

He was also using the hands-on experiences at the University to give him knowledge to “explore what you may or may not like as far as a profession.” Arnold said that it’s important to figure out what you want to do with experience, and that DelVal had helped him to become a “big fish in a little pond.”

“These experiences have helped prepare me for ‘the real world’ without feeling like I wasted several years of my life,” said Arnold.

What he liked most about his experiences is that it has been a “long journey” from where he was before college. He said leaving from a bad neighborhood is challenging when you’re a teenager, and it’s hard for someone of that age to chase their dreams or even attend college.

“It’s not that a lot of people from my neighborhood didn’t attend college, it’s a lot of them can’t permanently make the transition,” said Arnold. “I’m lucky enough to reflect back on my journey thus far.”

 After graduating, Francis Arnold ’16 was hired by Vanguard. He now works as a retail client account services associate for the company.