Psychology has long been one of the most popular post-secondary fields in the U.S. The human mind is a complex and engrossing topic, and those who study it are afforded many opportunities throughout the course of their education and upon graduation. Many students with degrees in psychology choose to practice counseling psychology, and at DelVal, we offer both B.A. and M.A. degrees in this prestigious field.

The DelVal Advantage

If you’re interested in dedicating your career to helping others deal with the struggles met in everyday life, consider Delaware Valley University’s counseling psychology B.A. program. DelVal instills students with knowledge that is crucial for success in the field and delivers specific training on counseling-related activities, like active listening, reflective questioning and much more. Plus, students are granted the freedom to customize their schedules with advanced psychology courses based on their interests and aspirations.

Take It A Step Further                                                           

Students passionate about counseling psychology may want to consider pushing their education even further with our M.A. program. Each full-time and adjunct professor involved in this graduate program is a practicing clinician. Plus, the program is designed with a collaborative structure that allows students plenty of face-to-face time with faculty in order to receive attentive personal feedback. Students reaching for their M.A. will be able to build their experience through varied experiential opportunities, such as internships, conducting and presenting research with their instructors and more.

State-Of-The-Art Facilities

At DelVal, students aren’t simply instructed in a run-of-the-mill classroom environment. Our facilities cater specifically to psychology students, with one large room for group gatherings and six smaller rooms where students can amass hands-on experience through mock counseling sessions and role play.

A Bright Future

No matter your ultimate goal, Delaware Valley University’s counseling psychology programs will help you build a firm foundation for a prosperous future in the field. To learn more about DelVal, browse our list of academic programs, or contact us at 1-800-2-DelVal.

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