The Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education balances education with an in-depth knowledge of the industry’s professional demands. The education department offers secondary certification in grades 7 through 12 in biology, chemistry and general science. It also provides K–12 certification in agriculture. Through the diverse specializations and certifications offered, this degree offers a broad range of channels for students to learn and grow from, and it will lead them to some of the most rewarding careers.

Education. Imagine the Possibilities.

Whether it’s through educational support or through providing a new lens for viewing the world, educators have a lifelong impact that continues through generations. With an undergraduate education degree, you have a chance to make an impression that's tied to endless possibilities. Through your teaching narrative, you are molding minds and molding futures—even your own, through the vast experiences and skills you’ll obtain working in such a flexible and ever-changing industry. These skills can permeate not only other academic spheres but also other aspects of your life outside the classroom. The journey begins with your own education.

By pursuing a secondary education degree, you will have hands-on field experience starting your freshman year through to your senior year. A coordinator will work with you to find meaningful teaching opportunities and to develop your special interests. Field experience is available at local elementary, middle and secondary schools, in educational programs such as Special Olympics, and in educational institutions such as the Mercer Museum. Working collaboratively with DelVal, both the Bucks County Intermediate Unit and the Central Bucks School District have special education classrooms on campus. You will have the opportunity to interact with students with disabilities through mentoring and peer group activities. No matter what path you take, your major towards this hands-on degree will prepare you to be ready to work in a breadth of fields.

Specializations in Our Secondary Education Degree

At Delaware Valley University, we offer an assortment of specializations for our undergraduate education degree. These specialties allow you to become profoundly knowledgeable in a particular subject matter and they often grant you certification after completing the required courses. While the curriculum is narrowed down to a specific topic, it will also provide you a deeper general understanding of in-classroom etiquette and culture. These experiences typically help students decide what direction they wish to take their education after graduation. The specializations we offer include:

  • Agriculture
    Agricultural educators are some of the most in-demand educators in state and the country. Our ag ed majors gain hands-on experience on and off campus and benefit from connecting with area programs. 
  • Biology
    Biology teachers are in high demand and our program prepares educators for this demanding field by connecting them with meaningful experiences in the best schools in the state. 
  • Chemistry
    Our chem ed majors engage in a rigorous on-campus program that is bolstered by field experience in nationally recognized high school programs. 
  • English
    Students in this program experience a revised English curriculum with a solid foundation in pedagogy. A blend of English and American literature; writing and language offerings; cultural, historical, and genre coursework prepare students for careers in top schools. 
  • General Science
    Science teachers are in demand and this concentration provides future educators with a broad base of challenging coursework across all areas of our renowned science programs. General science teachers are the foundational element of quality districts across the state. 
  • Social Studies
    In collaboration with the liberal arts program, student scholars are able to specialize according to their interests while gaining the broad base of knowledge necessary to excel as secondary educators. 

What Can You Do With Your Education Degree from DelVal?

Because a secondary education degree can be so versatile, you won’t be limited to just one subject. You will have the opportunity to teach in different levels of education starting at kindergarten and working up to high school. Being a college professor is even possible after achieving the proper higher education required. This flexibility allows you to move grades as well as areas of study effortlessly. You can explore a mixture of subjects by teaching chemistry for a year, followed by social studies, and teaching art in the following years to come.

By obtaining comprehensive knowledge of critical thinking and teaching skills, you are only limited by your imagination. A secondary education degree doesn’t mean you have to be confined to a classroom or even an office. The communication skills that come along with being a teacher provide an outlet for areas such as writing, training, mentoring or even public speaking. Becoming an advocate for changes in the public school system, training new workers for a corporation, or working with a nonprofit that mentors at-risk youth are all viable career options. Through the immersive field training you’ll receive while obtaining this degree, you can see jobs like these firsthand and experience the inner workings behind each career path you may be interested in pursuing.

Experience 360 for Secondary Education, B.S.

The Experience360 Program (E360) is central to a Delaware Valley University education. The program embraces a full range of activities and opportunities that give our students well-rounded experiences that can’t be found anywhere else. This approach prepares our students for a life of meaningful work, service and career growth. Integrating knowledge and experience, they’ll be prepared to put their skills into action as a globally responsible citizen. One hundred percent of our students will gain real-world competencies through internships, career exploration, student research, study abroad, leadership development, community service or civic engagement.

Going to a university isn’t just about finding the right degree; it’s about finding what you’re passionate about. If you think you have the passion for making changes, teaching the future or having the opportunity to mentor those around you, an undergraduate education degree may be the right stepping stone. You can apply to receive a Bachelor of Science from Delaware Valley University at any time, or contact us for more information. With a secondary education degree, the possibilities are endless.