Here’s the short answer: science will teach you how to build dinosaurs. The humanities will teach you why that’s a bad idea.

Here’s the longer answer: despite popular opinion, English majors are the hot new hires. People who major in English go on to a variety of careers and our department will work with you to explore all of your options. A quick google search reveals a plethora of opportunities.

You can study literature and media at almost any institution but the DelVal English department offers individualized education. We are proud of our majors and honored to learn alongside them. We develop classes in conjunction with student interests and work to schedule them on days and at times that work for you. We want our students to learn meaningfully from our classes, to attend conferences, to land internships. And sometimes we all just sit around and debate comic books. Because reasons.

So consider the literary studies or media and communication majors here at DelVal. We believe in empowerment through education and our first goal—our most important goal—is teaching and learning with you.

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