Why minor in English?

For the skills and training employers in every field want from today’s graduates:

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Sharp analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Critical and creative thinking skills
  • A strong work ethic, whether on a team or on your own
  • Historical and cultural awareness and sensitivity

Completing a minor in English is as simple as enrolling in any FIVE additional literature or media and communication offerings, including courses in:

  • Writing in Social Media
  • Science Fiction
  • African American Literature
  • Shakespeare
  • Fantasy Fiction
  • Creative Writing
  • Linguistics
  • Film Interpretation
  • World Literature    
  • Digital photography
  • News reporting and writing
  • Writing about Animals
  • Video Production
  • Women’s Literature
  • Place Studies
  • Environmental Literature
  • Graphic Design… and more