In his essay “A Way of Writing,” poet William Stafford believes that “writing itself is one of the great, free human activities. There is scope for individuality, and elation, and discovery, in writing.” 

The First-Year Writing Program at Delaware Valley University is informed by these beliefs. We pride ourselves on valuing students as individual learners. We understand that writing for college is not always easy, but our philosophy is that you are more likely to grow as writers when you taste moments of success, and the exhilaration of overcoming challenges. 

Our courses: 

Fundamentals of Writing helps you build fluency and confidence to tackle college-level assignments. College Writing I teaches critical and creative ways to use writing to solve problems, to better understand yourself and the world around you, and to practice writing as a process of drafting, revising, editing, and above all, of discovery. College Writing II immerses you in a series of research-based writings that enhance your analytical and argumentative skills. Advanced College Writing blends elements of CWI and CWII, and is reserved for students who score a 5 or higher on the AP English Language and Composition exam. You can find a description of the courses here. Check with your academic advisor to find out which you are required to take.

You are at the center of all these courses, and because class sizes are kept small, your instructor will get to know you. This familiarity in the classroom allows us to respond to your writing as real readers, not as grading machines. Indeed, many of our students who take these courses proudly share their work at our bi-annual Student Writing Conference. We encourage you to read their prize-winning essays which have been published in the online version of our campus literary journal, The Gleaner. If you do well in our writing courses, and have a desire to help others and be involved in campus life, you can also apply to work as tutors in the Writing Center.