Students who want to pursue a history degree should take a look at our history, policy and society program. Students will be able to specialize in either public history, policy or society studies, which will prepare them for leadership roles by giving them the knowledge and skills necessary to develop critical policy issues that impact their communities.

Public History

Students that specialize in public history will study subjects that include oral histories, archival collections, digital preservation, historic preservation and museum exhibits.


Students who decide to focus on policy will not only be taught various theories and research methods, but will also learn how to apply policy solutions to key issues facing agriculture and food production.

Social Studies

Our social studies program was developed so that courses in history, policy and society degrees overlap with the requirements of a social studies education degree. This allows students who are pursuing a social studies degree to add a secondary education certification. This option provides our students with some flexibility if they are still uncertain about potentially pursuing a teaching career.

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