Policy studies aims to teach students how to make a difference in the complex policy issues of today

The undergraduate minor in policy studies provides students with the analytical foundations they will need to understand policy development, implementation, and evaluation in both the United States and other countries. It draws on the existing strengths of DelVal with our solid foundations in the life, environmental and agricultural sciences, and a strong liberal arts core. A minor in policy studies aims to teach students how to make a difference in the complex policy issues of today. 

The policy studies minor is an interdisciplinary program of study housed in the Department of Liberal Arts though it reaches across other disciplines, including agribusiness, landscape architecture and environmental science, and plant science. Students will have the chance to focus on a broad range of issues in agricultural, environmental, economic and social policy. It is anticipated that students completing the minor will find that these studies can enrich any major degree program and may have the potential to provide opportunities for employment in local, state and federal governmental institutions and both U.S. and international non-governmental organizations and professional associations. In addition, a minor in policy studies would augment the program of any student wishing to pursue graduate work.

This 15-credit major may be combined with any undergraduate major. Not all courses listed below are offered on a regular basis.

Required Courses

Core – 9 Credits
LA 3000 Introduction to Public Policy
LA 3132 Comparative Politics
LA 4111 International Political Economy
Electives – choose 6 Credits from the following:
LA 4112 Senior Seminar
LA 4127 US Foreign Policy
LA 3240 Political & Cultural Geography
LA 4224 Cultural Minorities
AE 1120 Sustainability: Saving the Earth and Feeding the People
AE 3140 Environmental Impacts
AE 3210 Global Crop Ecology
AE 4015 Regional Land Use Planning
AB 2225 Agricultural Economics
AB 4242 Food and Agricultural Policy
BA 2210 Microeconomics
CJ 3120 Penology
CJ 3140 Probation, Parole, and Community Corrections
CJ 3230 International Crime and Terrorism
Undergraduate Research (maximum of 3 credits total from LA 4112 and UG Research)