The School of Business and Humanities, the newest school at Delaware Valley University, is a place where our departments and programs are focused on your success. Although we are a diverse community – with majors in business, criminal justice, English, media and communication, counseling psychology and secondary education, and our many specializations – we share a passion for teaching and learning. A DelVal education is founded on a teaching-based approach to interdisciplinary learning. Offering a comprehensive curriculum in each area of study, we will challenge you to excel academically, supporting you with highly engaged faculty.

Our faculty members don’t merely lecture – they teach and engage with each and every one of you.

As employers communicate their needs to us, over and over again they tell us that good communication, strong problem-solving abilities and critical thinking skills are crucial for their new employees. Our school provides all of the career-based preparation and transferable skills that will round out your education.  Our majors can either prepare you for direct entry into the workforce or further study in graduate school. We graduate students who are lifelong learners, successful workers and engaged citizens.

If you are a current student, you should be proud to be a part of the exciting environment that is DelVal at this moment. As we continue to develop new programs to meet student needs, and as we realize our founder’s vision of learning “with practice,” we look confidently into the future where higher education continues to be the key to success.  We want to offer you that key, here in the School of Business and Humanities.