At DelVal, you don't have to be a music major to be an active performer.

Worried you’ll lose touch with your musical side if you choose not to pursue an arts program? At Delaware Valley University, there’s no need to let your passion fade. We’re proud to offer a wide variety of non-major music courses to help you refine and expand your knowledge on the beloved subject. In addition, we have plenty of extracurricular programs that will allow you to refine and showcase your musical talents.

Music In The Classroom

At DelVal, we have an engaging assortment of music-related educational courses to please avid music lovers. Our Music Appreciation course examines, interprets and analyzes the most integral types of music throughout various stages of history. Another course, Introduction to Ethnomusicology, takes the reasons behind music into consideration and encourages students to ponder what stories music can tell about the societies from which they originate.

Step Into The Spotlight

From choral beginners to veteran flutists, there’s a place for every musician at Delaware Valley University thanks to our three esteemed musical ensembles.

  • Delaware Valley University Chorale – Open to all DelVal students, this ensemble can be pursued as a credit or simply joined as an extracurricular activity. The group is often found performing at important school events as well as its annual winter and spring concerts, and performances can include pieces ranging from revered masterpieces to popular music.
  • Delaware Valley University Symphonic Band – Like the DelVal Chorale, our symphonic band is an option for all students that can be joined outside of your schedule or taken for a credit – but in this case, the ensemble might also include alumni, faculty, staff and any interested Bucks County musicians. The band performs during Commencement, Founder’s Day and many more school events in addition to two concerts held throughout each semester.
  • Delaware Valley University Jazz Band – DelVal’s 20-member jazz ensemble is considerably more exclusive than the aforementioned groups. Members of the symphonic band must audition and be selected by the director in order to participate. Students who make the grade can expect to play classics from composers like Ellington and Gershwin as well as fun contemporary cuts.

Depending on a number of factors, incoming DelVal students who commit to perform in one of these ensembles may be eligible for a scholarship to help them kick-start their educational journey at Delaware Valley University.

Explore DelVal

Our music courses and ensembles are but a small sampling of all that DVU has to offer. Browse our list of academic programs, or get in touch with us by phone at 1-800-2-DelVal to learn more.