*Update: Singleton was planning to go on to graduate school, after graduating in three years, but has decided to take some time off and work in her field first.

Some students take the conventional route of college and attend four years of schooling. Crystall Singleton ’13, a small animal science major, decided to take a different path and will be graduating this year as a junior. She may be leaving a year early, but she is ready to bring her ideas beyond the white picket fence.

Singleton has a love for not only animals, but also math and science. Her choice to come to Delaware Valley College was for the hands-on experience within her major.  She loves the research aspect of small animal science, and plans to use her knowledge to become a private practice veterinarian.

Besides her classes, Singleton is involved in several clubs and organizations.  She is the president of the Pre-Vet Club, treasurer of Students for Diversity, an orientation leader/peer mentor, and Rambassador. Singleton also works in the Office of the First-Year Experience and is participating in the L.E.A.D Program.

The L.E.A.D program was developed to promote change through individual learning. Being a part of the program has allowed Singleton to voice her thoughts and “enhance leadership skills.”

Each L.E.A.D member has to develop a project that could be used at the college. Her idea is to create a lounge space for students who are waiting for class.
Singleton also has tried to expand diversity on campus through her involvement with the club Students for Diversity. She thinks the campus can come together by accepting the differences students have.

Singleton wants to “make the most out of the time left,” especially in her involvement with the clubs and organizations. She feels that she is ready to leave, but she wishes she could do more with the L.E.A.D Program.

“It hasn’t hit me yet,” said Singleton. “I think as time progresses I’ll be more ready [to leave].”

As Singleton fills out her graduate school applications, she recommends making sure graduating early is a “conscious decision.” She advises students that when dealing with big ideas or choices to write down the pros and cons.

“The decision will be right there,” said Singleton.