Kylie Williams ’17 was looking for a program to ready her for working in a zoo or an aquarium. She chose DelVal to get the best education in zoo science that she could, including the hands-on aspect of the Experience360 Program.

“The hands-on experience has helped me to have a leg up on other applicants because I have classroom knowledge as well as practice in the field,” Williams said. “This experience has helped me to gain internships and jobs and really showed me that I am right where I want to be.”

Williams had internships with the Maritime Aquarium in two different capacities. She served a summer stint in the education department and a winter stretch in animal husbandry. These led to a summer job as a seasonal educator at the aquarium.

DelVal professors play a part in her success as well. “I love the relationships with my professors,” Williams said. “They all know what each other is teaching and work together to make sure we all know the same material to move on with.”

Williams, a member of the women’s soccer team, is also chair for DIII Week in the Student Academic Advisory Council, a student mentor for the business department and a Rambassador.

“DelVal has definitely prepared me to graduate,” Williams said. “It allowed me to walk in my future self’s shoes to verify that working in a zoo or an aquarium is what I want to do.”