The School of Life and Physical Sciences prides itself on its rich history and diverse set of academic degrees and specializations. Our faculty seek fundamental discoveries about how the world works and address some of the most important issues of our time.

As our world becomes smaller and our understanding of science expands, we have built upon our strong heritage of “science with practice” to broaden our program offerings within our school to include biology, chemistry, conservation and wildlife management, small animal science and zoo science.

We are committed to excellence in our faculty, our facilities and the educational experiences we provide our students.

The DelVal experience is more than just four years of college. Our faculty are passionate about helping students become contributors to real-world solutions. Students graduate with the skills to work in careers that provide personal satisfaction, impact the greater good and make a difference.

We have made significant improvements to the laboratories, with the complete renovation of three biology and three chemistry laboratories over the past four years. Funding for these endeavors included institutional commitments from the Student Facilities Initiative as well as a $700,000 grant from the National Science Foundation and a $150,000 gift from the Mandell Foundation. Additionally, our new Life Sciences Building offers four state-of-the-art laboratories and seven modern classrooms.

The faculty are constantly reviewing curriculum in our departments to make sure that it is current and relevant. We are exploring other potential majors at both the undergraduate and graduate levels that would complement those already in place in the school to provide further opportunities for future and current students, particularly in the area of allied health.

We are dedicated to providing a first-rate education that nurtures creative thinking and prepares students for successful veterinary or graduate school placements and productive and rewarding careers.

Dr. Jean Smolen
Dean, School of Life and Physical Sciences