Paying for college – one of the most important investments you will make – isn’t easy. At Delaware Valley University, financial aid for our students is a priority. This year, 99 percent of our students received some form of financial assistance, by way of merit scholarships, need-based grants, work study and loans.

Merit Scholarships - 2019-20 Academic Year

Students must enroll at Delaware Valley University as a full time undergraduate student to be eligible for the merit scholarships listed below.

For Freshmen Students

Your GPA and Test Score* Your Award**

GPA 3.75+

SAT 1360+ OR ACT 29

$25,000 Presidential Scholarship

GPA 3.5+

SAT 1270+ OR ACT 27

$23,000 Presidential Scholarship

GPA 3.25+

SAT 1170+ OR ACT 24

$22,000 Faculty Scholarship

GPA 2.75+ 

SAT 1080+ OR ACT 22


GPA 3.25+

SAT 980+ OR ACT 19

$21,000 Trustee Scholarship

*Must have a combination of the GPA and either the SAT or ACT. We will superscore both SAT and ACT, and award you based on your highest possible composite score.

**The scholarship stays the same every year, as long as you maintain a specific GPA at DelVal (varies based on scholarship)

Note: If you have a different combination of SAT and GPA scores, we encourage you to contact the admission office to identify the award for which you qualify.

For Transfer Students

College GPA* Your Award**
GPA 3.5+ $21,000 Presidential Scholarship
GPA 3.49-3.00+ $19,000 Faculty Scholarship
GPA 2.99-2.5 $17,000 Trustee Scholarship
GPA 2.49-2.00 $15,000 Challenge Grant

Members of the Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) Honor Society receive an additional $1,000

*GPA is a cummulative of all colleges you've attended

**The scholarship stays the same ever year, as long as you maintain a specific GPA at DelVal (varies based on scholarship)


Average costs for new, first-year, full-time, undergraduate students
2019-20 academic year

New student tuition/fees By Semester By Academic Year
Tuition $19,035 $38,070
Commuter Comprehensive Fees* $1,275 $2,550
Contingency Deposit**** $150  
Commuter Tuition/Fees $20,385 $40,770
Tuition $19,035 $38,070
Resident Comprehensive Fees* $1,275 $2,550
First-Year Residence Hall** $3,232.50** $6,465**
Board (Dining Hall 7 Day, $150 Flex) $3,722.50 $7,445
Contingency Deposit**** $150  
Resident Tuition/Fees/Room and Board $27,340*** $54,680***

* Comprehensive fees support student activities, campus technology, student facilities improvements and experiential learning activities. They do not include fees for students majoring in equine studies.

** This cost of reflective of Barness, Berkowitz, Cooke, Samuel and Ulman Halls, where most first-year students reside on campus.

*** Does not include books and personal expenses

**** This is a one-time deposit 

Rates are subject to change.