The Alumni Council is the driving force behind the Alumni Association. The Council meets four times a year to develop and discuss alumni programs. Each year, the Annual Business Meeting is held during Homecoming weekend and all alumni are welcome to attend.

The Alumni Council is composed of the Alumni members of the Board of Trustees, the officers of the Alumni Council, 36 elected members and one student representative. In addition, each class elects two graduating seniors as representatives of their class, and the graduate program students elect or appoint one graduate alumnus per year to represent their class; these representatives each serve a two-year term.

For additional information regarding the Alumni Council, please contact the Alumni Office at

Executive Officers

Officer Position Name Term Expires
President Melissa Roseman '08 MBA '10 Fall 2019
First Vice President Ben Rakus '96 Fall 2020
Second Vice President Celina Burgueno '16 Fall 2020
Recording Secretary Lindsay Smith '12 Fall 2020
Rep To Board Of Trustees W. Matthew Dougherty '96 Fall 2020
Treasurer Vacant Fall 2020

Council Members (by term expiration)

Recent Graduate Representatives

PAST ALUMNI PRESIDENTS (in order of service)

Meyer Goldman 1903*, Jacob Ratner 1905*, Dr. James Work 1913*, Isaac Stern 1908*, Samuel Rudley 1908*, Max Semel 1915*, Harry Ruberstein 1911*, Benjamin Goldberg 1911*, David Platt 1923*, Fred Weigle 1914*, Dr. Solomon Shapera 1916*, Samuel Golden ’22*, Cecil Toor 1916*, Sidney Brunwasser 1920*, Gustave Taube ’21*, Kenneth Mayer ’25*, Frank La Rosa ’52*, Martin Brooks ’54, Arthur Poley ’54*, Robert J. Frantz ’62, Kenneth Bergman ’59*, William E. Dunscombe, Jr. ’68, Dr. James F. Trainer ’82, Raymond C. Funkhouser ’72, Raymond Cupples, Jr. ’64, Peter Duane '72.

Linda Detwiler '80, Andrew Dougherty '00, Jerry Fritz '88, Kevin Keim '68, Gregory F. Krug '77, Thomas A. Debrowski '72

Jack Greenberg ’50, Leon "Lee" Thompson '64

*Indicates Deceased