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A new way of learning


Posted on February 17, 2016 by Eliza DiTomasso ’17.

Hello again,

I hope everyone is getting back into the swing of things again between classes, clubs, sports, and more. It has officially been one month since I arrived in jolly old England and I could not be loving it more. In some ways, it is like being back home in America, but in many ways things are really different.

I think the one difference that has thrown me through a loop is the difference in the education system. Before I left, I was told what to expect and I just nodded my head knowing that I would be OK, that I could adapt to this change. So what was this big change that made a distinctive line between American Uni and British Uni?

Readings, readings, and did I mention READINGS of all sorts of journals. Now all these journals come together in the end to help us write one to two papers or posters. Those projects then reflect what we have learned in lectures for our overall grades.

Courtesy: Eliza DiTomasso ’17. Studying for classes.

 That’s right - here in England, we are not given homework assignments, quizzes, or exams throughout the semester that go towards our final grades for classes. I have learned that it is super important to keep up with all the readings my lecturers have told me to read. Without those, I would fall behind very quickly and my final assignments would fall short compared to others. It was scary to think that my grade depended on only on a few assignments, most of my assignments are research papers and one or two actual exams, but I have come to really appreciate this way of learning. Most students would want to run from all these readings. Believe me, I have had that thought, but it definitely is getting us ready for further education goals (like graduate, veterinary, or even law school). I am glad that I have the opportunity to learn in a whole new way. This approach will help me bring my reading and writing skills to a whole new level. 

Courtesy: Eliza DiTomasso ’17. Getting readings done for class.
Courtesy: Eliza DiTomasso ’17. Amelia, an awesome new study buddy.

Well, as I sit here in my new home on campus, aka the library writing this, I really am appreciative of the education I have been given both at Delaware Valley University and Hartpury. Both these Universities have shaped me into a better student who will one day take on the real world. At least I hope I will, let’s see how the next couple of months go!

Cheers for now,