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Five Items a Care Package Should Contain


Posted on October 24, 2014 by Delaware Valley College.

The transition from home to residence hall can be difficult for a college freshman. The new environment, challenging studies and added responsibilities can be overwhelming. Sending a care package can mean the world, especially if the student is feeling homesick. It also may be a challenge for students to get to a grocery store, whether they lack transportation or have a busy schedule. Below are a few tips on the most important items to include in a care package for a college student.


You can't go wrong with some of the student's favorite non-perishable foods. College students typically have a scattered schedule, so their eating habits aren’t always the best. Healthy meals such as instant oatmeal and low-sodium soup are easy to make and will provide fuel for a busy student. If the package won’t be traveling too far, perhaps you want to include some homemade cookies for a snack that’s also good for the soul. For caffeine cravings, add some instant coffee or tea bags with a travel mug for easy transport to class.


It's all too common for students to forget to purchase everyday necessities such as toothpaste and soap. Ask the student what he or she is running low on. Aside from typical toiletries such as shampoo, razors, and body wash, consider including wash cloths or bath towels. 

Comfort Items

Some students feel particularly homesick when they're away at school. To help them feel more comfortable, send them some items that remind them of home and family. Framed photos of loved ones, a cozy blanket, or other familiar items could help them to feel more at home. 

School Supplies

When classes start, the student may realize that he or she underestimated the number of school supplies needed. In the case that the student needs more binders, notebooks and ink cartridges, include these items in the care package. Studying supplies such as notecards and sticky notes may also come in handy for long cram sessions. 


For some students, living on their own may mean doing laundry for the first time. Putting extra socks and underwear in a care package is a great way to help the student lengthen the time in between laundry days. Sending quarters is also helpful so they always are prepared. Laundry detergent usually lasts a long time for just one person's laundry, but including some dryer sheets with a fresh scent can go a long way. 

Receiving a care package can make a student's day and it will also be really helpful. Sometimes school can be overwhelming, so not having to worry about purchasing supplies will help students feel less stressed so they can focus on their studies. Personalize the care package based on your loved one's personality. Get his or her favorite lip balm, scented shampoo, or color binder, and don't forget a hand-written note to show your loved one how much you care.