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How to Transitition an Internship into a Job Opportunity


Posted on July 9, 2015 by Delaware Valley University .

For college students, the importance of securing an internship can’t be understated. An internship helps you establish long-term connections, further develop your skill set and boost your résumé. However, you can’t kick up your feet and relax when you find out that you’ve landed an internship. Your next step will be transitioning that internship into a job opportunity. 

Delaware Valley University students can take advantage of the internship search platform through the Center for Student Professional Development to help them find a suitable position at a favorable organization. And once you do, you can use our tips to help you turn that internship into a full-time job. Continue reading to learn more.

Make a good first impression. When you’ve secured an internship opportunity, the hiring supervisors believe that you have potential and they expect you to show them that you were the right choice. You have the opportunity to prove that within the first week of starting the internship. 

Make a good first impression by showing up early and jumping right into work. Diligently complete the first tasks assigned to you and make connections with other employees in the office. If you do all of this successfully in the first week of your internship, you’ll make a strong first impression, and the employer will notice your efforts.

Approach mundane assignments with enthusiasm. As an intern, you’ll likely be required to complete what are considered tedious, repetitive assignments. Regardless, you need to approach these tasks with enthusiasm to show your supervisors that you want to add value to the organization. 

Look at these assignments as tests. If you’re lackadaisical about completing them, your supervisor won’t see you as a hard worker. But if you show enthusiasm toward these tasks, their view of you will be positive. 

Seek constructive criticism from your supervisors. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and request feedback so you can improve your skills and work habits. In fact, employers and supervisors love when interns reach out for information about how they’re doing and what they can improve. 

By seeking feedback, you show that you’re invested in your work and want to be better at it. You’re not expected to be perfect as an intern, but those interns who realize this and take action to improve will show potential, enthusiasm and a strong work ethic: three ideal qualities for a new hire.

Internships provide DelVal students with employment opportunities, but to make a successful transition to a full-time position, you need to demonstrate your worth. Standing out as an intern requires attentiveness, enthusiasm and hard work. Approach every day as an intern with a positive attitude and show your supervisors that you want to be there and eventually you might end up working there. 

If you’re interested in a university that works to help its students land internships and jobs, you can schedule a visit at DelVal today.