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Landing the Job: Tips for Writing an Internship Thank You Letter


Posted on July 14, 2015 by Delaware Valley University .

For college students, it’s possible to land a job with the company or organization for which you interned. But with a large number of job applications surfacing every year, you need something to set you apart from the rest of the crowd.

Along with hard work and a good work ethic, impressive interns will send a thank you letter to their supervisors to demonstrate gratitude for the internship opportunity. Read on to learn Delaware Valley University’s tips for interns who want to land a job through an effective thank you letter.

Tip #1: Summarize your strengths. In your thank you letter, summarize everything you gained during your internship experience and tie this information in with expressing your gratitude for the opportunity, highlighting that you’re thankful for everything you’ve learned and how much more well-rounded you are as a job candidate. Express how the skills you gained during your internship have provided you the necessary qualifications to be the best candidate for the open position. Blending gratitude with passion in your letter will show that you are a viable and worthy candidate.

Tip #2: Show your interest. In your thank you letter, it’s crucial that you express how your time as an intern has made you even more interested in pursuing a career with the company or organization. Bring up how well you functioned in the workplace, how you related to and communicated with your colleagues and how your day-to-day activities were engaging. Through your letter, you need to show that you weren’t just completing the internship for the sake of your résumé but rather because you wanted to be a productive and active contributor to the team.

Tip #3: Handwrite your letter. To stand out among other interns who are looking to land a job, you can make a good impression on your supervisor by handwriting your thank you letter. Since most of the applicants will be electronically submitting their applications and emailing their thank you letters, a hand-written letter will stand out and demonstrate that you put time and effort into showing how grateful you were for the opportunity and how interested you are in the open position. And since the hiring manager or supervisor may not be used to receiving hand-written letters, they’ll take the time to read it and appreciate it.

A properly structured thank you letter can help interns land a job at their desired company or organization. The follow-up potential of a thank you letter can go a long way, so it’s important that you take the time to plan it out, show your interest in the company, proof your work to make sure it’s free of errors and send it out in a timely manner, such as a day or two after completing the internship.

DelVal students have access to the valuable Center for Student Professional Development, where they can find a number of job and internship postings for which they can apply.