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How to Make the Most of Delaware Valley’s Summer Bridge Program


Posted on July 16, 2015 by Delaware Valley University.

The Summer Bridge program at Delaware Valley University is a four-week seminar designed to create a smooth transition for high school students who will be attending DelVal in the fall. A great start for any DelVal student, our Summer Bridge program will expose incoming freshmen to collegiate academics and residential life before the year begins to help increase their comfort level when the year actually begins.

If you plan to start your college career at DelVal in the fall, it’s a good idea to think about the Summer Bridge program. Here are some beneficial aspects of the program and what you can do to make the most out of Summer Bridge at DelVal.

Reach Out and Make Friends
During Summer Bridge, you’ll be one of 35 to 40 incoming freshmen who will be sharing a residence hall. This program element is designed to help incoming DelVal students form a supportive community and get to know one another before the school year actually begins. Reaching out and making friends with the other freshmen in your residence hall during the Summer Bridge program will help you become more comfortable when the year actually begins.

Balance Work and Play
While it will be exciting to be in a new atmosphere socializing with a new group of friends, the Summer Bridge program at DelVal also is designed to help students get a look into the academic world so when the year starts, freshmen will be ready for what’s ahead.

The four-week program will give you the chance to enroll in two or three courses, which will help students build up credits toward graduating early. By balancing your work and social life, you can get the most of out of the Summer Bridge program at DelVal and get ahead with your academics, which will benefit you as a senior when you’ll want a lighter course load.

Immerse Yourself in DelVal
During your time at the Summer Bridge program, as an incoming freshman, you should become acquainted with the DelVal surroundings. Go off exploring to find out where the campus resources are and how you can take advantage of them or get a good feel for how the campus is laid out and where everything is.

From an academic standpoint, it’s also smart for students of the Summer Bridge program to establish a relationship early on with the professors, faculty and staff at DelVal. These individuals will be with you throughout your tenure at DelVal, so building these connections will give you a reference that will be useful while you’re a student at DelVal and even beyond your career here.

The Summer Bridge program at DelVal is designed to give our incoming freshmen a jump-start on their collegiate career. If you’re an incoming freshman at DelVal and interested in learning how you can get an early start on your major requirements and becoming situated within the DelVal community, you can learn more about the Summer Bridge program here.