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Why You Should Start Planning Now if You Want a Summer Internship


Posted on February 17, 2016 by Delaware Valley University.

A summer internship provides you with real-world experience that you can also list on your resume. It will also help you explore fields and companies to help you determine what industry you want to be a part of after graduation from Delaware Valley University.

Summer may seem far away, but now is the time to start planning your internship. There are many students looking for summer internships and spots will fill up fast. If you fall behind, you may not get the one you want.

Find out how to start planning for your summer internship. 

Determine what kind of field you're looking for.

It's a good idea to find an internship in your field of study so that future employers can see that you have relevant work experience. However, you should consider different areas of that industry for internships if you're not sure what career you want after graduation.

Find out if it's paid or will count for school credit.

Many internships are unpaid and offer more of an experience rather than financial compensation. These positions are very valuable and shouldn't be overlooked just because they aren't paid. You should also discuss whether or not the internship counts for credit toward your academic program.

Paid internships are not as common but many companies still offer them. This is beneficial because you'll be able to gain relevant work experience while also earning money. In some cases, internships won't pay you hourly but through a stipend or may cover your travel expenses. 

Start working on your resume and cover letters.

Your resume is the first impression a potential employer gets of you, so it's important that it's a good one. Your resume must be well written and easy to read with a simple font. Since you're in college, you may not have a whole lot of relevant work experience to list. Include any jobs that you held to show that you were responsible in your position.

Also add any clubs or organizations that you're involved with at your college as well as leadership and co-curricular experiences that you've been a part of.

Begin the search for your internship.

You may be familiar with some companies that offer internships that you know you'll be interested in. Visit their websites and look under the careers section to find out any information about internships or where you can submit your information. If there isn't a careers page, try reaching out to someone via email to find out if they're hiring interns.

Visit The Center for Student Professional Development.

DelVal's Center for Student Professional Development will help you create a reputable resume and teach you job search strategies so you can find the right internship for you. They also provide career assessment and counseling to help you determine what you want to do. 

Follow these tips and you'll obtain the perfect summer internship to help you get ahead in your career. Click here to visit DelVal's blog for more information.