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Tips for Transferring to Delaware Valley University


Posted on July 7, 2015 by Delaware Valley University .

Transferring from one college to another can be a stressful experience filled with ups and downs. If you’re a transfer student, along with tying up loose ends and preparing for your departure from your current institution, you’ll have to prepare for your arrival at DelVal.

There’s certainly a lot on your plate, but DelVal works to ensure that our transfer students experience a smooth transition to their new school. Continue reading for some tips for students who are transferring to DelVal.

Schedule a campus visit. Transfer students are at a small disadvantage when it comes to familiarity of the DelVal campus, since their previous studies were at a different school. However, DelVal provides several options for transfer students to get acquainted with their new learning environment. By scheduling a campus visit, transfer students will be able to get a feel for the campus environment before they arrive. A guided tour will take you through the campus and buildings and help transfer students see the main part of campus, including academics buildings, dining halls, and student life facilities. A campus visit also lets transfer students ask current DelVal students and tour guides any questions about life at DelVal. Learn more about summer visit dates here.

Enroll in a DelVal summer course. If you’re a transfer student who plans to start your first semester at DelVal in the fall, it’s valuable to take one of our many summer courses for several reasons. Transfer students who enroll in DelVal’s summer courses will get a good sense of the campus and how the courses are structured. Instead of jumping into a new program in the fall, you can take the summer to get familiarized with what buildings hold different classes, how courses are structured and how you’ll navigate the campus.

A summer course at DelVal also gives transfer students the opportunity to meet some of their new classmates. It’s a better situation for transfer students when they’ve had time to meet new people and make friends so that when the fall semester begins, they already have people to converse with.

Join a club or organization. DelVal is home to a wide variety of clubs and organizations. No matter what your hobbies are, there’s probably a group of students who share the same interests as you do. For transfer students, this a wonderful way to immerse yourself in the DelVal community and meet students who share some of the same passions as you do. 

Transferring from another institution to DelVal is easy because of the multiple programs, orientations and events DelVal provides to new and prospective students. Transfer students can schedule a campus visit that’s specifically designed to bring them up to speed on DelVal culture, enroll in a summer course to build an understanding of where classes are and how they operate and join a student-run club or activity to further their passion outside the classroom and meet classmates with the same interests.

If you’re a transfer student who wants to learn more about DelVal before arriving on campus, you can request more information here.