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5 Reasons to Study Turf Management at Delaware Valley


Posted on July 16, 2015 by Delaware Valley University .

TurfNet has ranked the four-year turf management major program at Delaware Valley University among the top 25 in the United States. An engaging, interesting major, students who are interested in exploring a career in sports, lawn care or sales and service will find the turf management major valuable.

If you’re interested in learning more about the program, continue reading for five reasons you should study turf management at DelVal.

1. Hands-On Learning
The turf management major provides DelVal students in the program with a small class size and hands-on experience for an engaging learning experience. The program is based on experimental learning, which lets our students try different things on the fields to see what works and what doesn’t. Instead of spending the majority time in lecture halls, this hands-on approach to turf management provides a better learning experience, thus helping you be as prepared as possible when applying for jobs.

2.  Career Preparation
Students enrolled in the turf management program at DelVal will receive real-life work experience during their classes. By learning about turf and turf management while on golf courses and sports fields, you’ll gain a better sense of how turf is maintained. This aspect of the program has had positive effects on DelVal students post-graduation, as the turf management major boasts a near 100 percent job placement rate upon graduation. 

3. Program Credibility
National recognition of the DelVal’s turf management major has given the program a great reputation among the golf and turf industries—so much so that professionals from the industry visit the program’s classes to speak with its students. When these experts share their knowledge and experience, DelVal students are exposed to an even wider variety of proficiencies and skills. Skills and lessons that can be referenced and implemented throughout their professional careers. 

4. More Than Turf
DelVal’s turf management program goes far beyond just studying the different types of turf used for sports fields, golf courses, and other locations. Students in the program receive a full-on education that encompasses above-ground irrigation methods and wiring, installation, equipment layout, building pipes and much more. This 360-degree approach to turf goes far beyond what’s expected and gives you an optimal education that will be beneficial during your career search.

5. Student Nurturing
At DelVal, we want to see all of our students succeed, and the turf management program is no exception. That’s why we make sure students in the program get the attention needed for success. You’ll be required to undergo an internship in the industry during your four years here so you gain firsthand experience and build connections. 

The turf management professors also act as your academic and career advisors and you’ll have the same one for four years, giving you time to create a relationship and allowing them to help you find a job you love.

If you’re interested in the turf management program at DelVal, schedule a campus visit to see our facilities and learn more.