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Volunteer Opportunities at Delaware Valley University


Posted on July 28, 2015 by Delaware Valley University.

Delaware Valley University is committed to the success of our students as well as the community that surrounds them. Located in the heart of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, the DelVal community works in numerous ways to ensure the continual growth of the area, and our students are a driving force behind these efforts.

There are many ways for DelVal students to become involved with volunteering in the DelVal and Bucks County communities. Learn more below about a few of the many volunteering opportunities at DelVal.

Habitat for Humanity
Habitat for Humanity is a nationwide organization that works to promote an understanding of poverty and low-income housing and provide shelter for the homeless communities. Students who enroll in the Habitat for Humanity program at DelVal will work alongside the local Bucks County Habitat for Humanity groups to help raise funds during the fall and spring semesters. Members will also participate in a weekend house building project in the community.

The Habitat for Humanity program is a great way for students to directly impact our community. By working as a team to build homes for those in need, it creates a sense of accomplishment among the group while also helping to improve the lives of families around Bucks County.

World hunger is an epidemic, and DelVal students do their part to spread awareness and raise money about the issue in a unique way through the FeelGood organization on campus.

The DelVal FeelGood chapter consists of students making and selling gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches throughout the campus. Students in the program will help manage the grilled cheese station and collect donations while also educating the DelVal community about the world hunger issue and what we can do to help those who are in need.

Let’s face it, there’s no better way to spread awareness about an issue than through grilled cheese sandwiches.

Hope of the Harvest
Hope of the Harvest is a partnership between DelVal, Philabundance and numerous other charity organizations around the Bucks County area that work together to grow fresh food for the various food pantries in our community.

Two acres of DelVal’s main campus and one acre of DelVal’s Roth Center for Sustainable Agriculture in North Wales are dedicated to growing crops for Hope of the Harvest. Students have the opportunity to join in with fellow community members to grow and harvest crops in order to feed more people. Hope for the Harvest desires to grow to five acres of crops within the next couple of years, and student involvement will be the catalyst for this goal.

Getting involved in one of the many volunteer opportunities at DelVal is a great way to build up your résumé, meet new people with the same ambitions and passions as you and, best of all, make a difference in the community. Not only will this be immensely helpful for the Bucks County area, but you’ll also experience a feeling of satisfaction knowing that you’ve done your part to make the world a better place.

You can learn more about DelVal’s volunteer opportunities here.