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When words fail, music speaks


Posted on March 3, 2014 by Katie Goldberg '16.

I will be the first to admit that I am not the typical DelVal student. As a sophomore, I’ve thrown quite a few people through a loop when I mention my career plan. There are plenty of Business Administration students here, but not many of them are looking for a career managing concert venues and bands. But I am- and DelVal has helped me pursue my goals by still managing to find hands-on experiences for their atypical students.

Courtesy: Annmarie Ely Katie Goldberg '16

To me, music is life; music is passion; music is religion. There is no correct way to listen to, experience, or interpret music. Music unites in a way that words alone cannot. There is nothing quite like it. I want to help others experience music the way that it is meant to be experienced: live, loudly, in a crowd full of people that are united in that experience. There is no moment that makes my heart stop quite like that moment when the lights first drop at a concert and the first notes explode through the speakers.

This semester, I am fortunate to be interning with EastCoast Entertainment, the largest full-service entertainment agency in the country. I was introduced to them through my Introduction to Psychology professor. I started in their Philadelphia office in January, and in my short time here, it’s already shown me that I’ve definitely picked the right field to enter.

I’ve spent countless hours now researching venues and festivals, looking over EastCoast’s bands, and giving my opinions on new talent that the agency is currently reviewing. Through every step of the way, I’ve loved what I’m doing. There has never been a moment when, in my work, I have felt like anything less than an important teammate in the office. My opinions have been encouraged and my work has been rewarded. They have already given me opportunities to network and put my name out in the industry. The first few steps on a career path are the most important, and I wouldn’t give up mine for the world.

I cannot wait to continue on my journey to the career of my dreams, and I’m incredibly grateful to EastCoast for giving me this first opportunity. I can’t promise that I know exactly where this journey will end, but I do know that I’ll have the perfect soundtrack for every step.


Katie Goldberg ’16
Business Administration and Management Student
Delaware Valley College