DelVal dedicates 2010 yearbook to James Linden

Sep 24, 2010

By Annmarie Ely

The staff of the Cornucopia dedicated the 2010 yearbook to James Linden, director of client services, during a ceremony at Krauskopf Memorial Library on Sept. 23.

Linden assists the campus community with computers, projectors, video and sound systems, photography and all things technical. He was chosen for his dedication to students.

“He’s helped us out so much,” said Erin McCloskey, a food science major and a Cornucopia editor. McCloskey said the students look for someone that changes the way they see campus or “makes you want to come here.”

“He’s never too busy to take the time to help,” said Brett Longcor, a media and communications major on the yearbook staff. He told Linden, “I look forward to coming to work everyday because of you.”

Linden has been with DelVal for 18 years. He started as an audio visual specialist and also served as media director and media coordinator.

Before coming to DelVal, Linden earned a degree in technical photography from Antonelli Institute of Art and Photography in Philadelphia.

Linden had his own photography business for 25 years and enjoys sharing his love of photography with students. He has trained yearbook staff in photography for the past 12 years.

“Every one of them has a great eye (for photography),” said Linden of the staff. Training the students is “a pleasure” and his “gift to DelVal,” he said.

College President Dr. Joseph S. Brosnan thanked Linden for his help with campus events.

“Jim has been extremely helpful to me,” said Dr. Brosnan. He said Linden helps people with everything from adjusting microphones to adjusting attire during events. “He’ll help anybody, with anything, any time.”

Past winners include faculty members Dr. Richard Ziemer, Dr. Gary Fortier and Rodney Gilbert.

The staff started working on the 224 page yearbook in August of 2009. Yearbooks have gone out to students already. The theme of this year’s Cornucopia is “discovering the undiscovered.”

Katy Hubbarb was the chief editor of the 2010 yearbook. Mark Miller was the co-editor. Joann Donigan serves as advisor.