DelVal expert provides advice on time management for college freshmen

Sep 26, 2014

A student studies at DelVal

Credit: Delaware Valley College. A student studies on Delaware Valley College's main campus in Doylestown. 

Delaware Valley College Director of Counseling Sharon Donnelly offered some advice on time management for college students in, “Expert Advice: 9 Time Management Tips for Freshmen,” which was published by NerdScholar. Here a some of her tips for making large projects seem more manageable during the first year of college.

  • Break large projects into smaller tasks
    Donnelly said that feeling overwhelmed often leads to putting off projects. She suggests making an outline of a large project, such as a long research paper, and working on it piece by piece. Accomplishing small goals helps with staying motivated and encourages people who may feel overwhelmed by the larger project to make progress.
  • Keep your eyes on the prize
    Donnelly told NerdScholar “it’s easy (for freshmen) to lose sight of the big picture because graduation seems so far away.”

    She tells students to visualize themselves not only on graduation day, but later in their careers and think about where they want to be. Donnelly suggests viewing each task as “a step closer to the direction of your ultimate vision.”

For more tips on time management, check out the full story on NerdScholar.