DelVal Faculty in the News: Dr. David Whelan

Dec 11, 2007

Dr. David Whelan, Department Chair of Criminal Justice Administration at Delaware Valley College, was recently featured in an article in the Clarion Ledger, a Mississippi newspaper with a circulation of nearly 100,000 daily. The article, "At Work: Fantasy Tumbleweed Operation Blows Up Career Opportunity," features careers whose need is quickly growing.

Dr. Whelan spoke on the growing necessity for criminal justice specialists. Read below for an excerpt of the article:  

"One less surprising yet growing need is for people who investigate crimes and enforce the law, in part because of the 2001 terrorist attacks. The number of law enforcement officials needed may increase by more than 10 percent, says Dave Whelan, criminal justice administration department chairman at Delaware Valley College. Besides the need to replace an aging work force, law enforcement officials are needed to handle new types of crime such as cybercrime, he says.
Cybercrime investigations can be very laborious, which means officers and detectives are being taken off the street to do that work, says Whelan. There are two key areas of cyberspace that, for instance, someone in the FBI would focus on."


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