DelVal has partnered with TouchNet to provide 24/7 online access to your account.

Use TouchNet to:

  • View your real-time account balance.
  • View your eBill.
  • View transactions since your last eBill.
  • View transaction history for recent terms.
  • Make an online payment.
  • Set up Authorized Users who can also access your student account online.
  • Enroll in a payment plan.
  • Set up a direct deposit electronic refund account.
  • Opt in to eBill text message notifications.

Log in to TouchNet

Go to the TouchNet login page.

  • Students: Select Students and Staff  and enter your DelVal student User ID and DelVal student password (the same credentials you use to access myDelVal).
  • Authorized Users: Select Authorized Users and enter your Authorized User email and Authorized User password. (Student must first set up Authorized User in TouchNet.)

Students may also access the TouchNet login page through myDelVal in the I Want To...Pay for College section, by clicking on View AccountMake a Payment, or Enroll in Payment Plan.

We refer to the first page that you will see after logging in as the "homepage."

View your real-time account balance

Since DelVal bills once per month, your account may change in between monthly bills. We do not issue a new bill every time your account changes.

You are responsibile for monitoring changes in the overall balance of your student account by logging in to TouchNet and viewing your real-time balance on any of the following webpages:

  • Home page:  See Balance in Student Account section. If you have pending financial aid, this section will show your balance before and after pending aid., which TouchNet refers to as "estimated aid." Balances by term are listed in Term Balances section.
  • Current Activity page:  Select View Activity on the homepage. See Student Account Balance for overall balance. Balances by term are listed below overall balance.

When you view your real-time account balance, you may at times see both negative and positive balances for specific terms. A negative balance for a term does not necessarily indicate eligibility for a refund, There may be an offsetting positive balance in another term..

View your eBill

When you receive an eBill notification by email and/or text, log in to TouchNet to open the detailed statement.. The homepage Balance is not your eBill! 

  • Select View Statements link in Statements section on homepage.
  • Statements page details your eBill history in date order, with your most recent statement at the top. Select button in Action column for the statement you wish to view. and select View to display the selected eBill.
  • Read any comments in the gray section at the bottom of the statement.

The bottom of the Statements page includes an Account Activity Since Last Statement section, which summarizes and details any transactions that occurred after the most recent eBill was issued. The Student Account Activity dollar amount in the Account Activity Since Last Statement section is not your real-time account balance; instead, it is the net dollar amount of all transactions since your last statement.For more information on your eBill, go to our Understanding Your eBill webpage.

View transactions since your most recent eBill

If there have been any changes in your student account since the most recent eBill, you are responsible for logging into TouchNet and viewing the new activity.

  • Select View Statements link in Statements section on homepage.
  • On Statements page, compare Statement Amount to Current Balance. If they are different, then your account had activity after your most recent statement.
  • New transactions are listed by term in the Account Activity Since Last Statement section.

The bottom of the Statements page includes an Account Activity Since Last Statement section, which summarizes and details any transactions that occurred after the most recent eBill was issued. The Student Account Activity dollar amount in the Account Activity Since Last Statement section is not your real-time account balance; instead, it is the net dollar amount of all transactions since your last statement.

View your transaction history

You may view transaction detail for all recent terms in TouchNet.

  • On the homepage, click on the View Activity link in the Student Account section.
  • Select a specific term to view transaction history for that term, or select Expand All to view transactions for all terms.

Make an online payment

TouchNet accepts the following payment methods:

  • Electronic Check from checking or savings account (also known as ACH or eCheck).
    • Use routing number and account number for a US bank account.
    • If payment is returned by the bank for any reason, student account will be charged a $50 nonrefundable fee.
    • To save bank account information as a direct deposit refund account in case of future refund eligibility, select Check here if you would like refunds to be deposited into this account checkbox.
    • To save bank account information for future payments, select Save this payment method for future use checkbox and desired name for payment method.
    • No service fee for this payment method.
  • Credit or Debit Card via PayPath:
    • All major US cards are accepted.
    • TouchNet charges nonrefundable 2.85% service fee for all card payments (minimum fee is $3), in addition to amount paid on student account.
    • Rather than using a debit card, we recommend using the routing and bank account numbers for an electronic check to avoid the service fee.

To pay online, verify your banking information with your bank, enter it accurately in TouchNet, and ensure funds are in the bank before you submit paymentt! If your payment is returned by the bank, you may be subject to a $50 nonrefundable returned payment fee as well as fees charged by your bank. 

  • Log in to TouchNet and select green Make Payment button in Student Account section on the homepage,
  • Select payment date.and specific term in Pay by Term section, enter payment amount, and select Continue.
    • You may schedule a payment in advance by selecting a future date.
  • Select payment method, then select Continue. and follow instructions. For ACH payment:
    • Confirm bank account number in reverse.
    • Decide whether to use banking information for potential direct deposit refunds.
    • Decide whether to store banking information for future payments. 

To authorize an individual other than a student to make online payments, the student must set up that individual as an Authorized User (see Set Up an Authorized User).

IMPORTANT: Do not use green Make Payment link to enroll in a payment plan. Payments made using Make Payment link will count as individual payments, not as a payment plan down payment or installment.

Set up an authorized user

To grant other individuals access your real-time online account information, receive eBill notifications, view eBills, make online payments, enroll in a payment plan, and/or receive payment plan installment reminders, the student must designate them as Authorized Users in TouchNet. Authorized individuals may include parents, grandparents, guardians, spouses, sponsoring third party payers or any other individuals who pay your bills:

  • Student must log in to TouchNet and select Authorized Users link in My Profile Setup on homepage.
  • Select Add Authorized User.
  • Enter authorized user's preferred email address.
  • Select level of account access you wish to authorize. Answering "Yes" to both questions will allow full account access.
  • Select Continue.
  • Read Agreement to Add Authorized User.
  • Select I Agree check box and Continue.
  • The authorized user will receive an email notice that he or she has been set up as an authorized user. The email will include a link to the TouchNet website and a temporary password. The first time the authorized user logs in to TouchNet, he or she will change the temporary password and enter his or her name.

Only students have access to the Authorized Users link in TouchNet.

**Please note that setting up an Authorized User does not substitute for the paper FERPA waiver.  The paper FERPA waiver must be completed and submitted to the bursar's office in order to grant us permission to speak with anyone but the student.**

Enroll in a payment plan

The individual whose login credentials are used to enroll in the payment plan will be the only person who receives enrollment confirmation, scheduled installment reminders, and notices of failed or returned payments. If a parent wishes to receive these emails, the student must set up the parent as an authorized user and then the parent must use authorized user credentials to enroll in the payment plan.

To enroll, log in to TouchNet using the appropriate credentials and select Enroll in Payment Plan link.. For more important information on enrolling in a payment plan, view our Tuition Payment Plans webpage and all attached materials.

Set up a direct deposit eRefund account

To enjoy the convenience and earlier processing of a direct deposit refund rather than a paper check:

  • Student must log in to TouchNet and select Electronic Refunds link.
  • Select Set up Account.
  • Enter checking or savings account information, scrolling down to complete all fields and reviewing for accuracy of bank routing number and bank account number (US bank accounts only; eRefunds cannot be deposited into a foreign bank account).
  • In Save payment method as field, create a name to help you identify it.
  • Select Continue.
  • Read direct deposit agreement and scroll to bottom of screen. (NOTE:  DelVal will never take eRefund funds back out of your bank account. When an eRefund has been deposited into your bank account, it will remain there until you spend the funds.)
  • Select  I Agree checkbox and Continue.
  • eRefund account is now set up.
    • TouchNet will not verify bank account information until an eRefund begins to process.
    • If bank account becomes invalid, you are responsible for entering new banking information.

For more information on eRefunds, go to our Refund Methods webpage.

Opt in to eBill text message notifications

Both students and authorized users may opt to receive text messages when an eBill is posted online.

  • Log in to TouchNet and select Personal Profile link in My Profile Setup section on homepage.
  • Select Edit button next to Mobile Number.
  • Enter mobile phone number.
  • Select mobile carrier and Save.
  • Select checkbox for "Send me additional text message notifications..."
  • Select Yes to update User Profile.