Did you know that each year a half million students apply to professional and graduate schools throughout this country? The key to being one of the successful students is in the details. Utilize the links below for specific information regarding graduate schools, entrance exams, and samples of admissions essays in a variety of fields. And don't forget the human component — the staff at the CSPD are trained professionals and are happy to help you with your graduate school search and application process!

Graduate/Professional Schools Links

The Internet has made accessing information about graduate and professional schools easier than ever. Below are the top sites that will give you everything you need to know to make an informed decision.

Entrance Exams

Most graduate schools require you to submit official scores for at least one standardized exam. Carefully read the graduate school's application to determine which exam is required and register for the exam well in advance of the application deadline. Below is a list of the common entrance exams.