The Experience360 Program prepares students to solve problems, integrating classroom knowledge with real-world experience. In fact, 100% of our students will gain real-world experience before graduation.

Delaware Valley University is one of the few schools to require experiential learning as a part of the curriculum. Our innovative Experience360 program integrates classroom knowledge with real-world experience, individualized to your major. You’ll build your career from day one. It’s an approach that delivers the results, and we have the data and the outcomes to prove it.

Our students are building their careers from day one, beginning with a course incorporating professional development and problem-based learning and ending with the creation of a co-curricular transcript that incorporates experiences such as internships, study abroad, research and civic engagement.

These experiences make our students more qualified for the challenges of the 21st century.

Throughout their E360 experience, students will:

  • be actively involved
  • reflect on the knowledge gained
  • use analytical skills to conceptualize their experiences
  • demonstrate decision-making and problem-solving skills
  • gain real-world competencies within their chosen disciplines

From our Roots
In 1896, Rabbi Joseph Krauskopf founded DelVal with the conception of “science with practice.” For more than 100 years, DelVal has stayed true to his educational beliefs, all the while staying at the forefront of experiential learning. In fact, we’ve evolved his wisdom so that every student is required to take part in this program to better prepare them to tackle the most important issues of our time.

What’s in a name?
Experience is the knowledge or skill gained through involvement in or exposure to an event or activity. Internships, student teaching, career exploration, research and study abroad are just a few of the activities that give our students knowledge and skills.

We’re doing more than focusing on post-graduation accomplishments; we are focused on the outcomes that occur all four years within our students – confidence, life skills, study abroad, internships, leadership development and civic engagement. We are helping our students to become well-rounded, global citizens – literally the experiences that produce 360 degrees of an individual.