I’m a faculty or staff member, what steps do I need to take for students to gain DelVal Experience Transcript recognition for a program or experience I am coordinating?

  1. Tracking registration should occur at each program that could be considered for inclusion on the DelVal Experience Transcript.
    • Areas for inclusion on the transcript via a faculty or staff member’s submission include:
      • Leadership activities presented or coordinated by a campus office or Academic Department
      • Awards presented by the College presented to an individual student are eligible for submission, for example, departmental awards or awards provided by campus offices such as Academic Affairs or Student Affairs.
      • Professional Development programs, seminars, workshops and conferences in coordination with an Academic Department or campus office
        • If you are an advisor to a student club or organization, Executive Officers should submit organization membership rosters, community service events and awards related to the organization via the directions for Executive Officers. 
  2. Submit the program to the Office of Student Involvement via the online form at http://tinyurl.com/delvalexperiencetranscript with program information including:
    • Name of program
    • Office or department that coordinated the program/experience
    • Submitter’s name, title and contact information
    • Date of program
    • A short description of the program (no longer than 30 words).  This will be the description that is shown on the DelVal Experience Transcript to provide context.
    • The form will prompt you to provide a list of all student attendees – names and IDs:
      •  You can either input each student’s name and ID number OR email the list to involvement@delval.edu with “DelVal Experience Transcript Inclusion” in the subject line.  The email should reference the online form submission with the name of the program.