I've always felt the term "idle dreaming" was something of an oxymoron. Dreams are the raw material of most  great accomplishments in the lives of people as well as universities. And the route from idea to accomplishment often follows the path of Dream... Design... Do. Someone takes their dream and applies the discipline of designing a workable plan. Then comes the "Do" stage, the high energy process of making it happen, despite the inevitable setbacks along the way. At each stage the process becomes more communal. This is a productive path well traveled at Delaware Valley University. It began with the original dream of founder Rabbi Krauskopf to create a national farm school and continues through Delaware Valley's expansion into a  full university, where experiential learning is an art and student success is a heartfelt priority. "Dream ... Design ... Do" is part of our identity, and that was a big part in my decision to accept the honor of becoming your president. I look forward to continuing along this path with the DelVal community as we build on our heritage and deliver on our dreams.

Maria Gallo, Ph.D.