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New Vision


Posted on August 23, 2018 by Maria Gallo.

“Delaware Valley University will be the leader in experiential education, empowering all learners to transform the world.”

I love this new Vision for DelVal. It organically came into being through months of input and dialogue. It is aspirational, of course. And it is grounded in our heritage. So it is authentic to who we are as an institution. Our Vision is our value proposition to our students. It also will distinguish us from other universities because we are talking about integrating experiential education throughout the institution in curricula, in extra-curricular programs, and in our operations as an institution.

The University community was asked, “What excites you about the Vision?” And here are 10 answers that nicely capture their feelings:

“We are leading the way to educate graduates who are well-rounded.”

“It applies to the entire campus community, and we all have a role to play.”

“Feels like it is focused on identifying a clear and concrete identity.”

“A differentiator between us and competitors.”

“A direction toward innovation.”

“It encourages students to think about their own Dream, Design, Do.”

“What we are doing is bigger than us.”

“It will have people talking about DelVal in different ways.”

“Its focus on students, the reason why we are here.”

“Sending students out into the world that can make a difference.”

Now we have completed the Dream (Vision) stage, and we are fully into the Design (Goals and Objectives) phase of strategic planning.  Then soon we will be in the Do (Implementation) period, a truly uplifting time when we actually experience change that we want to see happen.  We have momentum and I am personally excited for DelVal’s future.