CLEP Exams are an optional test offered to high school students to receive college credit for subjects students already excel in. For more information on how to take a CLEP test or order your scores please visit this link.

Listed below are the courses and/or credits DVU awards students who take the CLEP examination and score above the 50th percentile:

CLEP Examination DVU Course Equivalent
American Government LA-3032 Mod American History and Gov't
History of the United States I Elective
History of the United States II Elective
American Literature EN-2028 Literature Requirement
Analyzing and Interpreting Literature EN-2028 Literature Requirement
Calculus with Elementary Functions MP-1204 Calculus I
College Algebra MP-1103 College Algebra
College Algebra- Trig MP-1203 Elementary Functions
Pre-Calculus MP-1203 Elementary Functions
Calculus MP-1204 Calculus I
Information Systems and Computer Apps IT-1011 and 1012 Info Tech and Computer Apps
Educational Psychology ED-2230 Educations Psychology
English Literature EN-2028 Literature Requirement
French Language LA-1113 and LA-1214 French I and II
College Composition Modular with Essay EN-1101 Comp I
General Biology Science Requirement (Business IT majors only)
General Chemistry Science Requirement (Business IT majors only)
Introductory Psychology LA-2036 Intro to Psych
German Language LA-1160 and LA-1261 German I and II
Human Growth and Development LA-2036 Intro to Psych
Principles of Accounting  BA-2123 Accounting I
Introductory Business Law  BA-2161 Business Law I
Principles of Management BA-1005 Intro to Business
Principles of Microeconomics BA-2210 Microeconomics
Principles of Macroeconomics BA-2008 Macroeconomics
Principles of Marketing BA-2017 Principles of Marketing
Introductory Sociology LA-2012 Introduction to Sociology
Spanish Language LA-1112 and LA-1212 Spanish I and II
Trigonometry Elective
Wester Civilization I Elective
Wester Civilization II LA-2040 Modern History of Western Societies
Humanities EN-2028 Literature Requirement
College Mathematics MO-1102, MP-1203 College Algebra and Elementary Functions
Natural Sciences BY-1115 and BY-1216 Natural Science I and II
Social Sciences and History LA-2012, LA-2036 and LA-4203 Social Science Requirement

You must score above the 50th percentile to receive credit. All CLEP credits are considered Transfer Credit.